A Birth Of A Child

baby in between two hands

Oh, that Special Day…

Life is filled with amazing memories, miraculous moments and instants of pure joy. However, nothing compares to the joy and amazement a mother feels at the birth of their child. Pregnancy is a wondrous thing, though it can be more than a little uncomfortable, but birth more than makes up for any amount of discomfort or difficulty. That single moment is unlike any other that a mother will experience in their entire lives.

A Wealth of Emotion…

New mothers may have fears regarding their soon-to-be child. Fears about the future, about caring for the newborn and many other fears are very common. The first glimpse of that tiny life, crying and clutching miniature hands, fills your heart with incredibly deep emotions. Love, fierce pride, determination and incredible joy are just the tip of the iceberg. When your child is placed in your arms for the first time, when you feel that amazing warmth and those tiny hands grasp the end of your finger, all other thoughts leave your mind. You are filled with an amazing feeling of peace, of contentment and all-encompassing happiness.

A Lasting Memory…

All too soon, the baby will begin to grow, to experience life and to become the person he or she is meant to be. The first months pass swiftly, the baby growing and changing all the time. Those memories of birth remain, though they grow distant with the passing of years. Scrapbooks, videos and even tiny mitts from the hospital can instantly recall those memories for the mother. However, they are little more than a curiosity for a growing child.

A Day 2 Remember Keepsake can immortalise these memories. More than that, it can provide your child with a way to experience that instant of joy. A Day 2 Remember Keepsake provides a way to show your child how important and special they are, as well as all the information about their birth. The Keepsake includes vital birth information, such as length, weight and time of birth, of course. However, the try beauty of this gift is in the details.

Combining the beauty of a work of art, with the accurate information of a birth certificate, the Keepsake also offers information about zodiac signs, what happened on the day and during the year the child was born and much more. This incredible keepsake is a heartwarming way to provide your child with memories that will last a lifetime.

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