A Day 2 Remember is a home based business located on the world wide web.


How it began…

Hello. My name is Tatjana. I was born and raised in a beautiful country known today as former Yugoslavia. My childhood was a happy one, very fond memories but then everything changed in the early 90s. In 1991 I lost my beloved mum to cancer. She was only 35 and I was 13 at the time. In 1992 the civil war forced us to flee to nearby Germany where we lived for 6 years. Then in 1999 Australia offered us an opportunity to start our lives over. I am a big believer in “Life is what YOU make of it”. Take opportunities, fail, make mistakes, pick yourself up, but never give up. All of us are extremely capable beings. We just have to believe in ourselves.

Today, I have a wonderful, supporting husband whom I met during my refugee days in Germany and who followed me to Australia. We have been married since 1999 and live in sunny Sydney. We have three beautiful children, a boy and two girls.

The idea of A Day 2 Remember baby keepsakes was born after we had our second child. I wanted our kids to have a unique keepsake that would last a lifetime. I know nothing of my birth details and sadly I can’t ask my mum about it anymore. Making the day you were born certificates brings me joy because of how special and fun they are. And knowing that possibly one day the recipient will share their story with their children and grandchildren.



Chief Operator

All things chief operator. From kids to job to household to this little business. And loving it all (most days). Firm believer in positive outlook and attitude. One life. Make it count.


Mummy's Helper

Natt aka “Lala” gives best hugs and is always ready to help. She is sensible, has great taste in fashion and style including great eye for detail. She is mummy’s right hand.


Mummy's Helper

Maya aka “Smiley Face” is our little ray of sunshine who completed our family in 2009. Maya has the ability to spread happines with a smile and is mummy’s left hand (literally).


Oreo & Stella
Best Friends

Always there for serenity and to feed the soul – no matter the mood, or how busy or stressed life gets. True definition of unconditional love and friendship (as long as fed).